Business Continuity

Data is one of the most vital business assets and plays an increasingly critical role in decision-making processes. If any of your information is lost or compromised, it can severely impact, the business and cost you a fortune. Data Safe will be more than happy to implement and maintain a reliable business continuity and disaster recovery plan for your business. Our business continuity solution is about more than just backup; it’s designed to revive your network after any unplanned downtime quickly, and ensure your employees are operating at full capacity in almost no time at all.

IT Help Desk Support

In the Information Technology realm, time is money. If you face any issues with your system, getting it rectified as quickly as possible is essential for the business to function smoothly. With our IT Help Desk Support, your call, chat, or email goes directly into our Help Desk queue to ensure quick resolution. Upon receiving a request, our IT team logs the issue into our system and immediately discusses the problem to provide a solution. If needed, our team members may request to take control of your desktop. Most issues take less than 20 minutes to resolve. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, our team member will escalate to our local onsite support team to resolve the issue.

Network Operations

Network operations can become a hassle if not done right. That’s why Data Safe offers remote monitoring and management software, allowing your company to function smoothly. Our world-class Network Operations Center will resolve up to 90% of alerts 24x7x365. With our team acting as an extension of your IT department or solely providing IT support, Data Safe can offer proactive problem resolution and unparalleled support—freeing you from costly labor and downtime.

Business Management

Make sure you manage your business efficiently and in the most secure way possible with a unified network and business management software. At Data Safe, we offer ERP services to ensure accountability and to increase operational efficiency. With PSA, you can have endless opportunities for customizing and automating every aspect of managing your business. Our software also helps improve your business’s efficiency by providing valuable insight and intelligence with automated reports on project milestones.


Every organization handles a lot of sensitive data and information spread across different media. From financial reports to employee records, any confidential information in the wrong hands could lead to fraud and identity theft. As the world leader in information security, Data Safe offers an integrated suite of services designed to protect your private information including paper shredding and hard drive destruction.

Network Monitoring

Laptops, workstations, mobile phones, tablets—these are all essential endpoint devices that connect to your IT network. Keeping them running efficiently and safe from attack is crucial for your business productivity. Network infrastructure is the powerhouse gear that keeps your whole operation working smoothly and efficiently. If something goes wrong with an infrastructure device, the entire network can go down. To make sure your network and your business run as optimally as possible, network monitoring professionals at Data Safe manage and support your network infrastructure in the most effective way possible.

Structured Cabling

Every company wants to get the most remarkable performance from its existing equipment. While there are multiple options for structured cabling of the devices, installing Cat 6 cabling will guarantee improved performance, and fiber optic offers impressive speed and comes with plenty of features. At Data Safe, we will install Cat 6 cable or fiber optic cable systems that can handle any server or terminal equipment such as switches, routers, workstations, and printers. The new cabling will provide more incredible speed and more extended service than previous generations of cables. Our experts are also experienced in checking your existing cables to ensure their safety and reliability.

Network Installation

As you prepare for your network installation, planning for the future ensures successfully structured cabling. Cable networks are applied to such a wide variety of situations, and it is crucial to have a realistic view of the future of the network you are working on. Using up-to-date, top-of-the-line technology will ensure that the network will last as long as possible before it needs to be updated. Data Safe considers the potential growth of your network and that of your company to ensure that you get the best experience in your network installation process.

File Backup and Sync

Always be a step ahead of ransomware and other threats with a quick and simple file restoration process that protects you and your clients from lost or corrupt data. At Data Safe Group, we ensure your peace of mind with SOC 2 & HIPAA compliance and the industry’s most reliable security measures. Our experts also ensure privacy and security with monitored data access and centralized management with file backup and sync services.

Financial and Accounting Software

Quickbooks Cloud Solutions

As QuickBooks Solutions Provider, we bring a deep understanding and expertise of these important applications that you rely on to power your business. We leverage our relationships with both organizations at the executive, technology, and support levels, meaning that we help our customers take full advantage of all the benefits that these powerful applications have to offer.

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Technical Support Request

For existing managed services clients we have an option to submit a technical support ticket online. Please, describe the issue and our support team will get in touch with you shortly.

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