As countries, states, and cities begin to ease lockdown restrictions, businesses around the world will start to slowly reopen their doors. Some will look forward to getting back to the office, while others may be wary, but one thing is for certain – the workplace is guaranteed to look quite different than it did prior to the global health crisis. So, how can you best prepare for this ‘new normal’? What should you take into consideration to ensure a successful return to the workplace, especially when it comes to your employees, your office space, your technology stack, and, of course, your clients?

While not meant to be an exhaustive list, our Returning to the Office Checklist for Businesses covers items to consider as you reopen the office, which can help lay the groundwork for a successful transition.

The checklist has four sections: Employees, Office, Technology, and Clients. Everyone’s situation is unique, but evaluating your plan with these components in mind can help you get organized and anticipate obstacles.

1. Employees: Be mindful that your team may be nervous about returning to the office. If you prepare properly, you can alleviate many concerns for your employees and enable them to focus on the work instead of the global health crisis. You and your employees should expect that returning to the office will not be the same as before this pandemic.

2. Office Space: While the office may be open, practicing social distancing will still be of utmost importance. Be prepared to make changes to your floor plans, conference rooms, and office signage to ensure your employees can abide by social distancing guidelines. Your goal is to create an office environment that is safe for all employees.

3. Technology: Returning to the office doesn’t necessarily mean you will be abandoning all of your Work From Home set-ups. In fact, your employees may need to self isolate for the foreseeable future. Also, workstations in the office may need updates or patching since they were sitting idle. Your technology goal is to ensure your employees have what they need to do their jobs effectively while you ensure and maintain a safe and secure work environment.

4. Clients: Once your employees, your office, and your technology are in order, it’s time to focus on your clients. This is where you and your team can play a critical role in helping your clients get back to the office.

To learn more and explore the various items of the checklist, please contact us directly.

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