Fortify critical business data with a multi-layered application that secures, protects, and defends against malicious attacks that target Microsoft 365. Data Safe Group is excited to announce an advanced threat protection for Microsoft 365 users. With our improved SaaS Defense, we can proactively defend your business against malware, business email compromise (BEC), and phishing attacks that target Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.

Defend Your Business Against the Unknown

Traditional email security solutions depend on data from previously detected cyber threats and successful penetration tactics. This creates protection gaps for new, unknown threats to exploit. Data Safe SaaS Defense is different.

1. Identify unknown threats

SaaS Defense’s data-independent technology detects unknown threats that other solutions miss by analyzing the composition of a safe email, chat, or document instead of scanning for known security threats.

2. Minimize time to detection

SaaS Defense does not rely on third-party software and is built from the ground up to prevent zero-day threats as soon as they are encountered, minimizing the time needed to detect an intrusion.

3. Protect data from zero-day threats

Inefficient native SaaS application recovery features means our client are vulnerable to data loss. SaaS Defense ensures better protection from malicious cyber threats.

Microsoft 365 Defense

SaaS Defense provides robust threat protection for Microsoft 365 applications, including Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. MSPs can prevent malware, phishing attempts and BEC attacks before they reach your business. We are offering a complete multi-layered Microsoft 365 Security solution to protect and defend your business’s critical cloud data against both known and unknown cyber threats and common data loss scenarios with comprehensive detection, protection, and recovery from a single, channel-focused provider. Contact us at to schedule a quick demo.

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Technical Support Request

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