Here at Data Safe Group we put your security first.
We offer a complimentary baseline security assessment that analyzes your business’ dark web presence, simulated phishing response, and security awareness training scores to provide you with an overall look at your human-related security risks.

In order to beat cybercriminals, we have to share the cybersecurity responsibility. Here are four key questions you should be asking:

1. How do you find what’s compromised?
We scan the dark web based on your domain and find all accounts that have been involved in a breach. This information, including compromised credentials, is freely available on the dark web.

2. What would my employees do?
Having compromised information on the dark web can increase your risk of receiving a phishing email. We see first hand what your employees do when sent a fake phishing email and assess your human vulnerabilities.

3. How do you remediate with education?
We can provide you with engaging, video-based security awareness training. Educate your employees on the risks they face so you can help them better protect themselves and your business.

4. But why do all of this?
Cybercriminals take advantage of businesses with limited budgets. Technology alone isn’t enough when employees are opening the door for cybercriminals. Let’s help your employees keep the door locked.


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